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Takanome: Litter Distribution Research

The Image analysis x Smartphone service to keep your city clean.
Understand the current situation, measure the effectiveness of previous methods, and propose better ones, all by visualizing the distribution of litter.

Takanome is a service that visualizes the distribution and severity of litter on streets. 'Takanome for Automobiles' investigates wide areas using vehicles, while 'Takanome for Pedestrians' focuses on specific areas and provides more detailed results. Using such services, users can find out areas where litter tends to gather, and optimize their cleaning strategies to achieve the best results. This includes maximizing the efficiency of local cleaning activities, quantifying the effect of implementations, and etc..

What are the benefits of this service?

Sustainability activities using vehicles.

  • By conducting Takanome surveys with company cars running on streets, continuous monitoring can be achieved.
  • Participating in such social activities can enhance drivers’ moral awareness as well.

Litter Distribution Survey.

  • Understand the distribution of litter around train stations and urban areas.
  • Measure the effectiveness of common anti-littering methods like rubbish bin placement, designated smoking areas, poster posting, etc.
  • Formulating strategies that considers seasonal and regional characteristics, and strengthening cooperating systems.

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※ Pirika Inc. / Pirika Association conducts surveys by filming the streets using cameras on smartphones, etc.. Faces and license plates may appear in the footage in rare cases. We have taken all due care with regards to the protection of personal information in implementing the project by blurring the relevant parts of the images, but please contact us through the contact form if you have any questions or concerns. Responsible party: Pirika Inc. / Pirika Association

How "Takanome for Pedestrians" Works

Planning and Preparation

Determining Track Path according to project's needs and budget

The area and frequency of the software's program is determined to meet project needs. Our team can also offer expert recommendations on the most effective routes.


Data Collection

Capturing Street Footage via Mobile App

The video footages of selected streets will be recorded using the Takanome app. This can be conducted either by the client themselves or our team at Pirika (Smartphones with Takanome app pre-installed can be provided)



Identifying the type and amount of Litter

Using a system developed by Pirika, the video footages will be analyzed to identify the type and amount of litter around the city.


Findings and Recommendations

Creating heat maps and reports, as well as advices directed to problem-solving

Findings of the project will be compiled into heat-maps. Reports, comparative analyses with other areas, and advices regarding local environmental policy are also available.


How "Takanome for Automobiles" Works

Planning and Preparation

Installing the smartphone in the vehicle for filming.

The duration of the survey and the number of smartphones will be decided depending on the frequency of vehicle usage and budget. Survey equipments will be delivered to users by post. Install the smartphone in the vehicle following the instructions given.


Data Collection

Capturing video footage of the streets.

A dedicated app is used to capture footage of the streets while the vehicle is in motion.



Identifying the type and quantity of litter from the video footage.

Using an AI-based system developed by Pirika, the video footages will be analyzed to identify the type and amount of litter around the city. The results from the survey data analysis can be used to establish strategies for community beautification.



Communicate and raise awareness of initiatives against littering.

Vehicles participating in the survey will be labeled with "Anti-litter Survey" stickers to show that they are contributing to the beautification of the community. Pirika will also actively spread information on initiatives with partner companies.


Past Projects

横浜市 街の美化推進課

Yokohama, Totsuka Ward

Surveying the amount of litter around Totsuka station, the city obtained data necessary to maximize the placement of non-smoking areas

大阪市会 徳田議員(当時)、他

Osaka, Nishi-Yodogawa Ward

Started from a request from the local authority to conduct a litter distribution survey , the project was carried out under the cooperation of residents around Tsukamoto Station. Similar initiatives were also implemented in Higashiyodogawa Ward and Tennoji Ward.

Reference: "The Intensity of Litter around Tsukamoto Station"

Around Tokorozawa station in Saitama

With support from Professor IRIE Teruaki, Tokyo University of Agriculture, the distribution of litter around Tokorozawa station was investigated to explore the effects of smoking areas to litter distribution. It is found that after the removal of the smoking area, the amount of littering increased in the nearby park.

Reference: "The Intensity of Litter around Tokorozawa Station"

Around Koiwa station in Edogawa Ward

With support from Professor IRIE Teruaki, Tokyo University of Agriculture, the distribution of litter around Koiwa Station before and after the set-up of smoking areas was investigated. It is found that the number of litter around the smoking areas decreased after the set-up of smoking areas.

Reference: The Intensity of Litter around Koiwa station


Contact us for details of above projects or information about other projects.

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To our supporters

We have received much support from a great number of people via the crowdfunding platform "kibidango" throughout the development of Takanome. The funds received are used primarily for development costs and paying part-time or temporary staff. Without your support, it would have been impossible for us to develop Takanome. The whole team would like to thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

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