Overcome the environmental crises through
the power of science and technology

Pirika is a start-up created in 2011 in the research facilities of Kyoto University in Japan.

With the power of science and technology, we aim to solve the greatest man-made challenge – saving our environment

Pirika's services

Tackling the problem of littering, Pirika has developed a variety of services covering everything from litter picking to littering intelligence.

Pirika's technologies have been adopted by many enterprises, local governments, international organizations, and nonprofit organizations.

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How You Can Help Us

Pirika is tackling the global litter problem, which poses a significant threat to our environment.

We need your help to eliminate litter from the world.


You can help by using the free smartphone app Pirika to pick up litter in your neighborhood. Pirika, used in more than 100 countries and regions, is the most widely-used anti-litter smartphone app in the world.


Our Pirika program for companies can provide you with data visualization services to evaluate your corporate litter clean-up efforts and help with your PR. We are open to collaboration, including on advertisement, that leverages our technology.


Pirika for Local Governments can help you in various ways, including organizing and running clean-up activities, conducting littering and microplastic surveys, etc. Pirika for Local Governments has been adopted by a variety of local governments, such as Toyama Prefecture, Yokohama City, and the cities of Minato and Meguro in Tokyo. We have worked with Toyama Prefecture, Yokohama City (Kanagawa), Minato City (Tokyo) and Meguro City (Tokyo).

Non-profit and other organizations

Why not record and visualize your clean-up activities using the anti-litter social media Pirika or Pirika for Enterprises and Organizations ? We are also looking for organizations interested in collaborating with us on litter research.


We are looking for researchers who are researching solutions to eliminate litter using the data we generate.

For educators

We support in-school litter picking activities. In addition, we provide some VR contents for education related to the Pirika in ©STEAM library. We also organize on-site classes to educate on the matter of littering. We are also open to collaborating on the creation of teaching material.


Pirika is supported by the sponsorship and collaboration of many companies, local governments, and support groups.

You can support Pirika in various ways; from advertising on our platforms to requesting on-site lectures and training materials, or even through joint campaigns or research projects.

Please contact us if you are interested in sponsoring us, collaborating with us or advertising with us.

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